Symbl of The Lab Mastering Interview

The Lab

The Lab is one of the top mastering services for DNB in North America which provides its talents to some of the biggest labels this side of the pond. Rick, aka Symbl, is the man behind it all and making US DNB sound its very best! We sit down with Symbl and find out more about his company.

You’ve been involved in the US DNB scene for quite some time now and have put out some champion releases over the years. Can you tell the readers what production names you’ve released under?
Tek Infektion, Arsenic and Symbl.

You’re now focusing more of your time on The Lab, which offers mastering to labels and artists. How long have you been doing this for?
Since 2009. I got into it when dubstep started taking off.

I can speak personally from experience that you do amazing work having mastered the Vault 78 debut release. What other labels have you done work for?
Thanks boss. I can never get enough compliments. Abducted / Abducted LTD, Machinist, DSCI4, Ultragore, Multikill, Uplink Audio, Bad Chemistry, Dream Crusher, Mindocracy, Section 8, Stupid Fly, Never Say Die, Noctem Audio, Bro Town, Vault 78 and plenty more.

What services do you offer at The Lab other than just digital mastering?
Everything but recording. I don’t have the facility for that just yet.

You also have been busy in the studio lately as you just released a new one on Onset Audio. Can you tell us more about this?
I wanted to get back in touch with my DnB roots. They all have this mid to late 90s feel to them which is exactly what I was going for. I focused on unique sounds & melodies so that they’d stand the test of time. I think they came out really well. Loads more in that same vein in the works as well so keep your ears pointed in my direction.

Are there any hopes for you and Point of Reference to come back and make any more Arsenic tunes?
Absolutely. We’re working on our first full album and a healthy amount of new singles, collabs & remixes. More will be revealed when the tunes are closer to completion. I’ve also been remastering our older tunes. They can be found on my soundcloud page.

Are there any final words or thoughts you’d like to share?
The loudness war is over. Dynamic range is where its at. The Electronic music market should embrace it, not fight it.

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