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Suv & Promenade – Last Creation / Louie – Fresh Buds – Playside 175

Suv teams up with Italy’s Promenade to conceive the LAST CREATION. This one rolls out with wobbly sub-bass and some nice reggae vibes.

Louie launches his first-ever release on PLAYSIDE175 This smooth heavy roller glides through from seed to flower, bloom to bud. Skillfully crafted pruned and clipped to carry you deeply and bring the high you desire.

Bristol original Suv and Italy’s Promenade brings us some finely chilled vibes with reggae flava and a smooth bass line. Accented with classic dance hall horns it’s sure to get the bodies on the dance floor. ‘Last Creation’ is a very atmospheric roll. PLAYSIDE175 continues to bring us top shelf productions destined to make it into the crates of those in the know. And now you know….so you know what to do.

PLAYSIDE175 also rolls out some new talent with newcomer Louie‘s debut release ‘Fresh Buds’. A head turning first effort with subs that make hum to make yer feet vibrate. Yeah, you might even feel a little high. It’s ok though, cuz it’s legal now most places. Music that is. Dunno about buds in your area. Is it possible to capture a sound that is both smooth and rolling yet sharp and growling? Why yes….why yes it is. And Louie has done just that with his first effort. A unique sound from a very talented young producer who is already developing a unique sound of his own.



DJ Suv






Playside 175 Records


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