Suv & Jaxx – High Altitude/The Message – Natty Dub Recordings


Suv and Jaxx return to Natty Dub with another Bristol influenced roller. Full of rumbling sublow bass, wicked breakbeat licks and a ton of good vibes to keep you.

Always innovating the genres sound, Natty Dub Recordings brings back onboard Suv and Jaxx, two of the boldest pioneers around, for a pair of unique and memorable tracks.

‘High Altitude’ is a straight up get down and boogie track that would have played well in that James Brown Church scene in ‘The Blues Brothers’. You know the scene? Where they get struck by the light of….well in our case let’s call it the almighty Amen. And James Brown asks them “Do you see the light?”. They loose control and start doing flips as the whole church does the get down. Yup….that’s the scene. And this is the soundtrack for it. If it doesn’t make you wanna do flips and yell “Amen!” well then I don’t know what would.

‘The Message’ is a whole other animal. In that “sudden left turn” sorta way and I love it. It dives right in reversing the normal kick, snare relationship. Just kick kick kick snare right out of the gates. No build up, no intro, none of those standards that you’d expect. Then a sample about some strange “message from outer space” (is this the message?) and an unexpected sudden drop. Fills, cuts and effects that keep you guessing at every turn. It’s hectic and frantic but in this really intentional and deliberate way that compels you to keep listening and keep stomping.

I’m pretty sure there’s actually aliens communicating with us here. Natty Dub knows talent and Suv & Jaxx bring it.




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