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Sugar Minott – Tribute – Liondub International

July 10th 2020 marks exactly 10 years since the passing of Sugar Minott, one of the greatest Reggae singers of all time. Before his untimely death, Liondub had the honor of working with Sugar and came to appreciate not only his brilliant voice and musical talents, but also his kindness and passion for supporting his community and helping those less fortunate than himself. Sugar Minott‘s spirit lives on and his music is his legacy. Liondub salutes the legend and proudly presents ‘Tribute’, a collection of new songs, remixes, VIP’s and re-masters. Rest In Peace Sugar Minott. Gone but never forgotten!

Gather around children for a Jungle history lesson. Let me tell you of the one like Sugar Minott. We must go back to the days of legend, way back to Kingston, Jamaica. Before there was ever a genre of music called Jungle or Drum and Bass. All the way back to the days of the beginnings and the roots of dancehall reggae. Back to recordings that were the prototypes for ragga style. Ever wonder why all your Junglist friends call each other “murderers”? Or why you have a bunch of tracks with terms like “soundboy” and “killer” together? Ever wonder where the term “rub a dub” comes from? Why do so many Jungle tracks refer to Kingstontown anyway? Ever wonder why there’s a bazillion remixes of the Jungle track “ruff & tuff”?

Hint: look into this cat for the answers to these questions and much more. Sugar Minott was one of the grandfathers of Jungle as he pioneered the influences that created this music. Read that last sentence again and think about the gravity of that for a moment.

With a discography that spans 30 years, over 60 albums and hundreds of singles; Sugar Minott is a role model for any budding Jungle producer in more ways than one. Not only was he insanely prolific, independently successful, barrier breaking and chart topping crossing over reggae into the pop charts; but after international success then returned to Jamaica to the very ghettos he hailed from to lift up other talents he discovered there.

It’s really hard to do justice to an album like this as a review. Other than to simply state that it’s a must have for any serious listener if you really want to dig into the roots of where this music comes from. ‘Tribute’ is just that and it’s over half straight up reggae remasters of his classic tracks by Liondub International; that are complimented by some fantastic remixes and VIPs of ‘Borderline’ and ‘Ruff & Tuff’ by heavy hitters Marcus Visionary and Benny Page. It’s an album that really only Liondub International and these producers could have brought us. And we are all very lucky that they did.

This is one of those albums that you don’t just play or even just listen to. It’s one of those albums that you study. A word to the wise is enough. Are you Jungle wise? Then you know what to do. Get this album and put it on heavy rotation. Til it sinks into yer bones.



Sugar Minott


Liondub International


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