Liondub presents the 7th Street Series of 2019, and the 37th in the series continuing the label’s incredible 10th anniversary celebrations. Liondub’s Street Series is one of the longest running and best introductory series’ in the business, pulling through some lesser-known talent on a monthly basis with expansive collections of music. This stand out 7 tracker comes from Subcriminal, a leading figure in the rising new generation of young UK D&B producers, and showcases his forward thinking productions and track writing skills. Subcriminal is finding himself in high demand due his ability to effortlessly create hard-hitting dance floor cuts with simplicity, musicality and soul. Another massive achievement for Subcrimnal, and stepping-stone for the Liondub label.

Liondub’s ever-on-point Street Series heads to Bristol to shine the spotlight on Subcriminal. He delivers the EP of his life so far…. Building on releases via the likes of Run Tingz, Deep In The Jungle, Random Concepts and Nuusic, “Lock & Load” is a stinking brew of jungle, jump-up, roller and rave elements, slow-cooked for ultimate dancefloor damagement. Seven tracks heavy, highlights include the far out wonkiness of the bass on “Next”, the groaning bass sizzles and sweeping reese basses on “Fly Kick” and the crucial tear-out finale “Power Up”. You ain’t ready.

Mark Sharpe a.k.a Subcriminal is a Drum ‘n’ Bass/Jungle DJ and producer from Bristol (UK).

Brought up on a diet of 80’s 90’s dancehall, Roots reggae, Dub and Jungle techno, when Subcriminal first heard Drum and Bass / Jungle remixes of these styles through massive sound systems, it was the only logical step to start djing. After playing the local scene for a few years and a few big tek link ups / Bristol raves it was time to start creating his own sound, Originally just for fun but that soon turned into a huge love and passion.

Producing Jungle, Drum & bass, Neurofunk and djing for various club nights and residencies in the city + supported by some of the biggest names in the scene. Subcriminal has played many UK festivals, Glastonbury, Symmetry, Balter to name a few with releases on labels in the UK, Spain, Canada and many more forthcoming.

He has releases on : Liondub international, Random concept origins, Serial Killaz , Run tingz recordings, Gyro records, Deep in the jungle, Audio addict, Ghetto Dub,

He’s done track support for : Mollie Collins, Aries, Ed Solo, Dillinja, Aphrodite, Nicky Blackmarket, Ray Keith, Phibes, Visionary, Logan D, Kenny Ken, Saxxon Filthy Habits, Doc Scott, Kumarachi, Dazee, Kelvin 373, FLeCK

Keep an eye on this cat. He’s one to watch.