Sub Killaz – Out for Blood EP – Serial Killaz


Sub Killaz have worked so hard in the studio as of late that they are really out for blood. And by that, we don’t mean a rack of AK47’s and a box of C4, oh no. It’s obviously the blood of other producers who claim to make authentic jump up but really only slap an awful amount of high pitched nonsense together. We don’t send indirects here at Serial Killaz, only death threats by first class delivery. Who’s got mail?

Sub Killaz and Serial Killaz set out with something to prove on this one. And they take no prisoners.

Out for Blood

If any of you out there feel like jump up has become a bit derivative lately and kinda all starting to sound the same, well you’re in good company. Sub Killaz come out swinging with the title track of the EP. A very “statement making” sample in the intro and a drop that has the bounce of a trampoline and is all biz. Not just a bunch of squelches slapped together here. I listened to this one on headphones and I could still feel the subs in my feet. Some brilliant sound engineering here showing us all how it’s done proppa.

Bas Ass MF

At this point, you may have noticed a theme on this EP. This one starts out a bit more subdued than the title track. But, only a bit. The drop is surprisingly vibey and keeps on rolling with a really great swing and a snare like chopping wood. The bass line and subs on this is very chill and it’s deceptive cuz there are a ton of subtle effects, samples and fills in the background that add other dimensions to what sounds on the surface like a minimal simple track. But..bad asses aren’t always obvious. Sometimes you gotta listen closely.


Crunchy snares on the roll in with the swell of a female vocal sample just before the drop and then it hits you with those nasty jump up sounds. And by nasty I mean an incredibly well tuned bass line that use frequencies like a scalpel and not like a blow torch in a junk yard. No, the bass line here has an almost vocal quality and it runs up and down the keys. At the breakdown they really do break it down and then build it back up one part at a time. The beauty of well produced jump up is that it can be both rhythmic and harmonic and this is a great example. A master class for any would be future jump up producers.

In the Night

The EP finishes off with an almost moody atmospheric track. Key term here is “almost”, as it has a great driving snare hi hat and bass that fills the sounds out nicely. So much going on in the background on this one as well. This is another example of combining tone changes and rhythm that really holds your attention. The listener really wants to hang on the next note and hear where it’s gonna go next. A very subtle track that contrasts the rest of the EP nicely.


Sub Killaz

Serial Killaz