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Sub Killaz – Ghetto Blaster EP

San Diego’s Sub Killaz return to the Liondub International Label for two consecutive EP releases that demonstrate their unmistakable, in demand sound. The ‘Ghetto Blaster’ EP has something for everyone; hard-hitting Jump Up, Rollers, moody experimental bits, and an intelligent liquid cut to seal the deal. It’s no wonder these guys have been signed to so many major labels in the DnB business, and these two releases are sure to push the envelope even further for the duo and please DJ’s and ravers worldwide.

Liondub International is a label that consistently releases top notch productions from the heaviest hitters in the scene. If you want high quality roots Jungle and Drum & Bass, then you pretty much can’t miss with them. Always on point and always both a step ahead of the rest, while steeped in the history of the genre at the same time. They constantly push the threshold while maintaining the highest production standards.

Sub Killaz are by now one of the most in demand acts in Jungle and Drum & Bass. Carving themselves out a niche as one of the most genuine, solid American producers and gaining plenty of international respect with their unique and distinct sound. This album demonstrates why. From the rolling grooves of ‘World War Z’ to the nasty stinker of the album’s namesake of ‘Ghetto Blaster’ to the bouncy wubby party vibes of ‘Hands Up’; Sub Killaz demonstrate that they can do it all. And they’re comin’ fer you. Now with 96.7% more wub wub.

Ghetto Blaster drops on March 13th.



Liondub International


Sub Killaz


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