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Sub Killaz – Faces of War – Liondub International


Already smashing up the club scene, Sub Killaz  new EP gets the review treatment by the DNB Vault!

Mamajuana here on this one solo. Another release from the Liondub Street Series and it’s full of greats. Overall it’s a solid release from Sub Killaz and that jump up sound with a few tracks showing their expansiveness.

“Raised by Block” is for the jump up fans, this track got me banging my head. Good follow up with “Faces of War”, easily mixable with the first tune for a great combo. “Only You” has a solid vibe, the dancefloor I played for definitely appreciated this one. Nice spaced out track with vocal flourishes, one for the deep heads.  “9 Pound Hammer” hits the floor like one. This jump up track has nice, happy bass hits. It will get people moving. “Salt Water” is a late night killer. When I played this, I saw couples turning away from the speakers and towards each other with kisses during the breakdown. Yeah, that track is like that!!
Wow, the finisher of this album is a remix of Bobby Caldwell’s “Do for Love” and this one, mixed with the previous track just makes magic. Whether you are a DJ or a fan, you need to hear this one. I’ve got to write these guys a thank you note after this review. Big ups!

5 out of 5 Lighters.

The EP can be previewed below:

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