Strife II tells us his Top 5 tunes of 2015


Strife II just released his beautifully musical ‘Collide EP’ on Subsphere Records. You can check it out below and pick up your copy HERE.

We caught up with Strife II to find out what his top tracks of 2015.

1. Hybrid Minds – That Way
I played this every day in the summer, and one night stumbling about drunk on a spanish beach at 2am because I couldn’t sleep despite being up at 4am to fly there.

2. Flite – Dive
I’ve always loved what Flite does and this is wonderfully deep and moving with loads of acoustic elements.

3. Iron Chic – The Dreaming And The Waking World
I’m into Punk and Hardcore as much as DnB, and I’m an absolute fanboy for Iron Chic. How can punk rock be so beautiful and existential?

Ys by Iron Chic

4. Jon Hopkins & King Creosote – Immunity (Asleep Versions)
Going to sneak this one into 2015 as it came out in November 2014 and it’s been on my playlist constantly all year. Just amazing, Jon Hopkins music makes me feel human.

5. Koda – Angel
Koda kind of occupies a strange space between acoustic songwriting and electronic music, and this is just beautiful.