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The Burner Brothers is a name synonymous with drum and bass culture in the United States of America. Now comprised of original members DJ Seen and CT Burners, the New Jersey-based duo has already accomplished a tremendous amount during their career. Since their debut on the legendary Rawkus/Rawkuts imprint in 1999, they went on to release records for Jungle Sky, Subsonik Sound, Schedule One Recordings and their own imprint Patrol the Skies Music. Their repertoire also includes international releases on Formation Records (UK), Technique Recordings (UK), Flex (UK), Nemesis (UK), Magic Vinyl (DE), and Steppasoundz (DE).
Aside from being accomplished producers, The Burner Brothers have also been crushing dance floors with their high-impact DJ sets for two decades. Starting with a residency at New York’s storied Direct Drive parties in the mid-nineties, Seen and CT have gone on to perform from coast to coast alongside the genre’s biggest acts. The guys have been honored to share the stage with some of their biggest influences including Andy C, Goldie, Mampi Swift, Simon Bassline, DJ Fresh, Fabio & Grooverider, Sigma and Chase & Status . Whether it’s a room of a hundred or a festival, the pair always brings the utmost energy and intensity to their sets.
Whilst CT Burners prefers to dwell in the shadows of the studio composing and handling music supervision for clients like Disney, AT&T, HBO, and Showtime, DJ Seen continues to be an ambassador of drum and bass culture, running the online magazine and moderating the hugely popular USDNB Hub. In early 2013 Seen decided to use his past experience managing Rawkus’ D&B imprint Rawkuts to start his own label, Patrol The Skies Music. Since its inception, PTSM has changed the global perception of US drum & bass. The Burner Brothers head up the role of A&R for PTSM and are proud to have helped incubate such talent as Noisefloor, Echo Brown, Until The Dawn, Order of Elim, Consouls, ASHFLO, and Walkway City as well as continue to support others like PishPosh, Realtime & Arquer, Glitch, and SST.
Looking toward the future, The Burner Brothers only have higher expectations for themselves both as producers and performers. With a forthcoming schedule of releases to support, Seen and CT anticipate a heavier touring schedule. The two are constantly reinventing the brand and refuse to conform to any specific trend or subset of the genre.

To these guys, drum and bass isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle.