SST – The Disconnect EP – Patrol the Skies Music


American drum and bass pioneer SST is back on Patrol The Skies Music with his signature style of Neurofunk! If you like your neuro clean, energetic, and straight to the point, these will fit right in your DJ sets or playlists!

Out of Space

Right from the go here the production level on this material is clean and high level. Super tight drum arrangements on the roll in. Great heavy subs at the drop and this SST guy remembers the “funk” in Neurofunk. Really great atmospherics and pads in the background. Makes a really good “drive music” if you’re driving to another planet or your local space portal. So much going on in the background it really keeps your ear and attention. This track flows really well. Lot’s of mood too.

Tear It Down

Love the tease of the vocals, reese and subs at the intro. Pretty dramatic….and the drop is heavy AF. This has a great heavy intense feeling without sacrificing groove. Yes….you can have both. It’s true. Just love how this one rolls, the vocal samples help punctuate things and that reese man. Subs for days. The bass line, synths and drums with those vocals all circulate in and out to really keep things moving. Background effects and elements really filling things out. So much going on here and it’s all so well isolated and balanced.

The Disconnect

The EPs namesake comes rolling in like it got something to prove and it’s on a mission to prove it. A pause with with what sounds like broken radio transmission just before the drop and off we go. Another heavy one that rolls. This is the soundtrack for the epic movie scene that everyone paid for and you know it. So much drama here. Part chase scene and part space battle and I’m pretty sure that there’s a small bunch of commandos somewhere infiltrating the enemy base about ready to blow up the reactor right? I keep saying this, but the production on these tracks is just so well separated. Great on headphones or a big sound system.

Take Shelter

This one has a slightly different feel to the groove showing the range of SST. Maintains the drama and intensity, but an left turn for a lot of neuro these days. I really love the snare placement with the drums and the fills are perfect. The dialog going on with the synths and bass are really compelling too in a deep dark and dangerous way. It’s pretty rare that you get an EP were all the tracks are keepers. But, this one has 0% fat. Not sure if it’s organic or not though. I mean… if black holes and quasars are organic, then…..I guess so yeah.


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