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SST – Klanger Banger / Angel’s Sin – Patrol The Skies Music

Earlier this week Patrol The Skies Music released one of its biggest singles to date with SST’s Klanger Banger & Angel’s Sin showing the world why US DNB isn’t to be overlooked. If this label is not yet on your radar then you’ve been sleeping at the wheel.

Klanger Banger 

This is a hard and gritty tune that has some amazing drum work that’s accompanied by superb combinations of bass, vocals, and synth/bell melodies. It’s like a Freddy Kruger nightmare dream sequence in real life and I do not want to wake up. Great versatile tune for any part of your set or mix.

Angel’s Sin Ft. Glitch

If Klanger Banger reminded me of Freddy Kruger then Angel’s Sin is equivalent to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! TUNEAGE! Hard hitting and growling saw bass, check! Dark and dirty vocals, check! Dancing your face off, check – check – check! Peek tune right here! Amazing overall release by SST and PTSM!

For more information on SST & Patrol The Skies Music
SST on Soundcloud
Patrol The Skies Music Official Website
Patrol The Skies Music on Facebook
Patrol The Skies Music on Soundcloud

Bully is an up and coming US DNB producer who randomly drops by the DNB Vault to review his favorite tunes.

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