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As one of the hottest producers currently in US DNB, Florida based SST always finds a way to stay humble and crank out quality releases on top labels such as Cymbalism, Patrol The Skies and Schedule One. His latest hit, Angel’s Sin, has been gaining traction around the globe and his next release with Vault 78 is becoming highly anticipated. We caught up with SST to get a closer look at the producer with the golden ears and raw talent that has dancefloors buzzing throughout the world.

I always find it interesting when I discover the meaning behind an artists name and was unexpectedly surprised when I found out that SST was short for Stereo Stormtrooper. Can I assume you’re a big Star Wars fan as well?
Most people do assume that the name has something to do with Star Wars but it doesn’t. It’s more about me being the controller of the sounds coming from the stereo. Way back in the 90’s I remember seeing a rave flyer that said Bounce the Stereo Stormer. It stuck with me and I changed it to Stereo Stomrtrooper. The name kinda got shortened to SST in part by Cymbalism Recordings. They put SST on the label for a vinyl release I did with them in 2005. So I just went with it and kept SST.

You got one of your first breaks with Cymbalism Recordings with Strange Valley, a single with Dstar’s On The Go on the flip side. How did you get linked up with them and how excited were you for your first release to be on vinyl?
That was around the time that we formed The Chosen (Genr8, Glitch, SST) and we got a song signed to Cymbalism. That is how I met those guys. So I started sending them some of my solo stuff and they really liked that song. I was very excited about it at the time, although it was not my first vinyl release. It was actually my third vinyl release. My first release was on Jungala in 2001. A song called Shadow Max. It had a tune from Glitch on the flip side. Then Glitch and I started working under the name Apparatus and had a second release on Jungala with a Gridlok & Glitch tune on the flip side.

You’ve also done releases on Schedule One, Ohm Resistance, Onset Audio, Habit and most recently Patrol The Skies Music. What’s coming up next for you?
Next thing I’m working on is for Vault 78. Very excited that you guys asked me to do something for the label. I’ve got some ideas kicking around already for this. I would love to do some deeper half time dnb for Onset Audio as well. Other than that I’ll just keep making music and if people like it and labels want to release it then I’m always excited about that.

Speaking of the PTSM release, Angle’s Sin was a huge hit and got major support from all over the DNB community. Did ever think this tune would be so well received?
Angle’s Sin was a tune started by me over a year ago. I sent it to Glitch for a collab and he sat on for a year. I honestly had forgotten about it and then one day he sends me a clip of what he had done to it. I was really digging it. So then two weeks later he was down in Orlando staying with me for a few days. We basically locked ourselves in the studio for a whole day and everything was just flowing. You know with music it’s hard to know if other people will like what you’re doing but we really felt strong about this tune and I’m just glad it was well received in the dnb community and that Patrol The Skies Music put it out.

You’ve also been releasing quite a few tunes on Schedule One, including an EP with Knoxz. How did you get linked up with him for this project?
I’ve known Patrick aka Knox for many years. When i started the dnb monthly party Called Shock & Awe I booked Kryteria for the first night. That was right around the time he was branching out solo. So we decided to try to get a tune going while he was in town. So that day as he was driving up from south Florida I got in the studio and laid down a beat, bass line, and some sound fx. He was writing the lyrics in the car on the way up. When he got to my place I already had the mic set up so he just laid down the vocals in a few takes. Over the next year we sent the session back and forth to each other until we molded it into the final version. Schedule One Recordings had already started talking to me about doing an EP for them so it only made sense to include “Shock & Awe”.

Where can the fans out there check you out live next?
I do a monthly drum & bass event called Shock & Awe with Impression and MC Allterrain. I’ve been doing one off gigs here and there but no real touring. I’m open for bookings hint hint!

Any final parting words to the DNB Vault readers out there?
I would like to give a shout out to the people that have supported me through the years and still continue to show me love. The Torque crew here in Orlando for holding down 16 years of dnb each and every week. Circle K, Collabortaor and Melistic are my family and have been there since the beginning! I would also like to thai my wife for always being understanding of how much time it takes in the studio to make music. That’s a huge deal for anyone trying to produce music. Also thanks to for asking me to do this interview.

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