Spor Plans to Release Next Album via BitTorrent


Spor announces plans to release his next album on his own label Sotto Voce by way of BitTorrent.

In a post released yesterday on Spor’s Facebook page, UK Drum & Bass producer Jon Gooch talks about his reasoning behind releasing this highly awaited album for free on BitTorrent.

“I’ve often been asked about my ‘Drum & Bass persona’ Spor, but to me this isn’t what it is. I use it to tag, to draw under, to leave a mark, It’s the character I became by running a double life in online communities from when I was 15, building experience and attitude that eventually led me to a music network that embraced me for being a counter-culture misfit. The way underground scenes operate can be dog eat dog, but politics is just scaffolding around the structure, the heart of any scene is in the people who live it.

In this sense it’s something I have always lived. When you meet creative people it’s often quickly apparent whether they live their art – did they fight for it? It isn’t something you measure against success or statistics. There are transparent, hollow pretenders at every level of creative status. I know some. You probably follow some on Twitter.

When I meet people who like and support my art or music I’m often humbled by how much they live it, there’s a lot to be taken from seeing that trust. When so much around us is diluted and intangible now, a strong community or symbol really can help centre us.

D&B required me to fight, strive to improve my ability, my conviction. For you my output might look like a row of items on a table, equal and comparable, available for reference, but for me the music I’ve released as Spor looks like a slow climb up a sheer face. Some parts look painful and frustrating, others smooth travel. Now I’ve finally made a Spor album, in my own time, by my own choice. It was still a climb, but it sounds exactly how I always wanted.

The things I learned I carried into my other projects, and now I’m truly immersed in the masks I’ve made for myself. Maybe it’s narcissistic to constantly live in your own creations, but I don’t get to clock off or go home any more, it was a one-way ticket. I wouldn’t change anything though, I love it.

My own imprint and brand in the form of Sotto Voce was a natural choice to release the album under, but I wanted to reflect the story and philosophy of myself as Spor in the medium it was released in too. Bittorrent seemed an obvious choice. The way we communicate as artists is constantly being questioned, and the ground we live on is in constant shift. Having the Spor album live as a self-sufficient shared container via Bittorrent, something that’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time, replicating and spreading – embodies the nature of Spor. It’s my underground self.

You’ll be able to pay for Caligo if you want, or not pay. It will be up to you. Other formats and outlets will follow. For anyone that’s expressed excitement and support towards me, thank you.”

This is definitely huge news for Drum & Bass / Jungle fans out there and quite possibly a game changer on the future of how the music is shared and distributed. If anything this certainly sets a new bar of the quality music and the price it’s sold for.

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