Spectrem Interview


With Technique Recordings annual Drum and Bass compilation ‘Technique 2015’ dropping today, we had the chance to catch up with Australian producer Spectrem to get to know how it all started, how DNB is doing Down Under and what he has lined up for the coming months.

Please tell us a bit about your musical background and how your passion for Drum & Bass evolved.
I have attempted to play musical instruments all my life with some success though once I discovered music production at the age of about 15, it all started to make more sense. At age 18 I started to take it little more serious, which was around the same time I fell in love with Drum & Bass, a few years on I found myself signed to Technique and playing gigs alongside some of my biggest influences.

How did the connection with Technique Recordings come along?
I had 4 tracks all finished for an EP and had my sights set on Technique with my fingers crossed. A few emails back and forth later they asked if would like to be signed exclusively, an offer I could not refuse and I moment I won’t ever forget.

What can you tell us about the Drum & Bass scene in Australia?
The Drum & Bass scene in Australia is very healthy. There is not a single week without a few DnB events on. The head of the scene would have to be my hometown Perth; Perth has a tight group of fans, promoters and artists which all feed off each other to create a thriving scene which I’m very fortunate to be a part of.

What has been your favourite gig of the year and why?
I couldn’t pick one, in particular, but I will have to say any of the boat parties I have been part of. There is nothing more enjoyable than throwing out some hot tunes with a drink in your hand, surrounded by the sun, water and good vibes.

How will this years’ Christmas and New Years look like for you?
Christmas is always very family orientated so it’s nice to relax in the hot Australian sun and prepare myself for a big New Years which I will be spending at Perth’s Origin Festival; Origin always provides with goods with some of the world biggest names dropping by to send us some love.

What have you got lined up for next year?
2016 will see me sending out some fresh tunes to start the year with a bang and hopefully keep that momentum rolling. Here’s to 2016 *holds up a can of Australias finest beer: Emu Export

Get Technique 15 HERE.