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Speaker Louis & Epicentre – Unity – Nuusic

Speaker Louis and Epicentre team up for a four track EP collab on Nuusic and deliver a tour de force of styles and sounds on one of the more forward thinking labels around. Sure to be in rotation for quite some time to come.

Love me some Speaker Louis. And I love me some Epicentre. Wouldn’t it be cool if they collaborated? It sure would be and it sure is. Two of the more innovative and provocative producers in the game and all I’m wondering is what took so long and when do we get more from these two?

Out Here

The first track opens up with some nice drifting synth waves and then brings in the vocals and right behind it the keys. Then rolling drums up to the the drop that does not fuck around. They come out of the corner swinging with a track that is Jungle anthem material all the way. Loving those sharp snares driving things and the timing in the drum pattern. So many layers going on and so well put together. This bass line is just plain nasty and the subs rumble like an earthquake. There’s all this dialog going in with the synth phrases and the bass line that is really incredible. Urban soundtrack music for the masses.

Dead Sound

This one rolls in with more traditional Jungle sounding samples and has a great song break in the intro. Which I always love cuz it’s an event and almost like two songs in one. It’s one of the classic old school elements that I’ve always found effective. The drop changes it up pretty quick and they just dive right into the Jungle sounds. Not nearly as straight forward as the previous track. Lot’s of old school reggae samples and just a classic sound all around to this one. Back into the reggae at the breakdown. The back half of the track has some cool variations. It’s a dynamic song structure cuz every section has it’s own feel and they all flow right into each other seamlessly.

The Gorgon Stare

This is a heavy one as you can probably tell from the title. Some eerie synth effects drifting it. At the drop it doesn’t get crazy so much as it gets deep. The subs on this one make your feet vibrate even in headphones. Vocal accents are dropped in just the right spots and the drum pattern is downright hypnotic in that Gorgon stare sorta way. After the breakdown it’s not just a rinse and repeat, but they really take the intensity up a notch, sirens start hitting and the vibes roll thick. If I was forced to pick my favorite track off of this EP I think this would be it.


Last up is the EPs name sake and they just go straight for the dance hall vibes right out of the gates. Quick intro with those classic horn line samples and boom to the drop. Just down to biz and hitting with the bass and the subs. Great drum pattern and I love all the vocals, samples, pads and sweeps in the background. So much texture here that they weave together. Did I mention those horn samples? They’re back and start talking to the bass line. This track is a listeners delight as every time you start tracking one sound, they bring in something else that grabs your ear. All the way to the very end of the outro and the last note.

Speaker Louis and Epicentre make a great collab team and they didn’t waste a note on this EP. Every single second on ‘Unity’ is time well spent.




Speaker Louis






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