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Space Journey – Disassemble EP – Santoku Records


Take a step on the Space Journey, as Logam’s amazing Santoku Records presents the new EP from the Massachusetts based neurofunk producer. The Disassemble EP” showcases Space Journey’s tough, uncompromising style, and will fit right in on a label which has given the world music from names like Mayhem, Gridlok, Jade, Trei, Hooves and Logam himself.

And Santoku is only the latest landing point for Space Journey, after Close 2 Death, Mindtech, Future Funk and others, and is testament to the hard work that the artist has put in, moving from dancefloor d&b towards a more space-age, techstep-influenced sound.

“Aeon” is a perfect realisation of this – a slowly building tune which expands at the drop, firing lazers into the future with a combination of pulsating drums and eerie, echoing synths. The bass is bad, bad, bad, deep, dark and heavy. The track moves through, highlighting the single-minded approach that Space Journey takes, ramping back up at the end for a killer finish. Likewise the title cut, which explodes into life quickly, echoing the march of some supersonic race of robots. Here, the low end crunches into your speakers, burning a hole in your set before you even realise. Bounce and break along to the beats, you won’t be disappointed as your mind and soul get Disassembled.

Jump on the “Motorcycle” for the third track, a rapid trip into the future which incorporates elements of electro along with the nasty sounding neurofunk. Plenty of pace and acceleration mark this one out, as it rides along on a highway of vicious synth stabs and understated beats. Closing things out is The Lost, a fitting culmination to the EP. Voyage through realms of artificial intelligence, with military beats, echoing basslines and a sharp, coruscating atmosphere. Space Journey is clearly a name to watch despite being relatively new, and the Disassemble EP is the start of something very big.

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