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E-Sassin Presents the Sound Sphere Remix LP

Back when Stateside Dnb was in its infancy, Eric Hull A.k.a. E-Sassin was already a force to be reckoned with on the production tip. A native of Los Angeles with a background all styles of music. He was introduced to the electronic dance music scene in 1989 through the techno/ rave culture.

E-Sassin founded Sound Sphere Recordings late in ’96 to get his musical productions out to the masses. Sound Sphere was one of the pioneering labels for drum & bass in America, especially the west coast with the first two releases receiving very positive feedback and quickly establishing a high level of credibility for the label and for E-Sassin’s productions.

With the return of Stateside Dnb to the limelight and ears of the scene, the time was ripe for the Sound Sphere Remix Lp to see the light of day!

Opening with the Arsenic Remix of “Symptom” You are firmly pushed in the chest with twisted Reece bass and hard stepper drums!

“Obsessed” Remixed by Caelum & New Theta, has a Old school Konflict vibe, Acid sounds and atmospherics lead to a techy roll out! A perfect melding of the classic neuro vibe with the production values of today!

Centaspike & Indijinous Remix “Er Come”. With their debut LP on Tech Itch recordings, this duo is one to watch in the coming years. Chopped Amen drums, a dubbed out ragga vocal and Dark Atmospherics, create a ghostly subterranean vibe! One for the dark side crew!

Philly’s own D Star steps up next to remix “The Void”! A halftime intro with classic vocal samples and layered percussion opens up to a huge sub, setting the foundation for layers of intricate change ups and conga patterns! Perfect for the heads down dance floor crew!

Up next is E-Sassins own VIP of “The Enemy”. Heard often in his sets, this one is a personal favorite of mine. Classic drum sounds, atmospherics and a sci fi vocal sample intro’s a huge drop. Rave Stabs layered with a massive Reece bass are just the beginning of a tear out amen. I would stand this next to a Dillinja tune any day!

False Flag remixes “Full Circle”. Pads and techstep switch up breaks roll out the intro, till a vocal sample drops the tune into layered atmospherics and subs. If you are a fan of the No U turn sound. This one is for you!

Next up Jo-s switches it up from his usual vocal liquid sound to create something very moody! “Malfunction” sets off with synth pads and mission control samples. Layered kicks and snares step in, with a massive twisted sub/mid combo. This one rides the razors edge of smart programming, and Hard Step Attitude!

Mason comes in with the focus of a Pit Bull on “Microbes”. Sci Fi darkness is an understatement. Tech pads, twisted sci fi vocals and a GIGANTIC REECE open this tune up for the lighter crew. Layered Assembly Line drums drop in while the tune rolls out with change ups! Impressive work from a stateside hero!

Matty G and Indijinous come next with their remix of “Soundstorm”. This is an exercise in Amen Culture. From the drop till the break we are shown that Amen Culture is alive and well. A Tech’d out 808 and sub layer supports this Lesson in drum work, While Samurai Drums fill the changes perfectly!

US OG R.A.W. brings us two remixes of “Soundstorm” next. The first remix being a more traditional dance floor tune. From skittish opening drums layered with mid range pads and stabs. A hip-hop vocal, drops into Amen drums and tweaked out changes. Al while keeping the dance floor busy with B-boy chops and classic time stretch tricks!

The second Remix of “Soundstorm” is the 170 remix. On this one R.A.W. went for the autonomic vibe. Spaced out, almost empty by the prior tunes standard. This remix uses a huge sub bass line, perfectly side chained to the kick to create a warm heads down red light vibe! If D Bridge had a baby with the Rock Steady crew, you might understand the vibe on this one!

Closing out the LP is The Voss’ remix of “Nightstalker”. In true Voss style. This tune is relentless. A quick intro moves the tune to a running build up. The rolling sub line works the lows while the snare hits you in the chest. Layers of atmospherics and bleeps keep your ears busy, while “Defender” 8 Bit sounds fill in the rest! A great close to a stellar LP

10 out of 10 MUST HAVE!

For more information on E-Sassin and Sound Sphere Recordings
E-Sassin on Facebook
E-Sassin Recordings on Soundcloud

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