Soda’s Top 5


We talk to Matt Potter better known as the dancehall producer and Live PA act Soda who’s graced the world with his tunes for the last 20 years playing massive festivals from Spain to South America. Soda spoke with us and we asked him, “What are your Top 5 cities you’ve played in that you were most likely to be abducted and sold into sex slavery?” Here’s what he had to say.

Tijuana, Mexico
“Prostitution was open, Pimps everywhere, I could have gotten a few jobs!”

East St.Louis, Missouri/Illinois
East st louis
“There’s just always a chance of kidnappings at any given point at any given time.”

Monterrey, Mexico
“I saw a young lady get pulled into a white van and then take off. After that, I knew anything could happen.”

East LA, California
east LA
“It’s East LA… enough said.”

Morelia, Mexico
“One time I was told I would make a pretty woman and this guy flashed some cash at me. I ran back to my hotel.”

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