Sobo – Full English Breakfast – Code Recordings


Sobo returns to CODE with another big track aimed straight for the dancefloor. Full English Breakfast starts out with eerie sound design and smooth atmospheric effects but the tranquility is quickly interrupted by big tight drum hits and subtle synth stabs. Just as you think you’re safe from harm the sub drops and we’re transported into a land of heavy rolling beats, nasty growlers and wobbly synth notes. 

This tune will get the day (or night) off to a great start with nutritious and delicious vibes that are sure to get bodies moving.

Since its inception in 2016, Sobo has been chiseling away in the studio making multi-faceted drum and bass tunes that showcase John D Robbins’ love for the genre. If he looks familiar, it is because you might know him as bass music producer, RUN DMT. His style is hard to pin down, from rolling alien foghorns to soulful liquidfunk, he is truly representing the scope of DnB possibilities. Since his first release after signing to Bachelors of Science’s Code imprint in 2016, Sobo has been putting out tracks heralded by the likes of Rene LaVice, S.P.Y., Aphrodite, and many more. His DJ sets are a sonic barrage, often clearing over 100 tracks in a show, and all with the love and care of a seasoned junglist. Sobo is poised and ready to make his contribution to #USDnB and the rest of the world.






CODE Recordings