Smooth’s got true grit…


Following his latest EP ‘WTF/Revenge’, Smooth returns to Viper Recordings with his smashing 4-track EP ‘True Grit’. Grab ‘Eraser’ on Beatport before full release on 27th May. We talked to on of Slovenia’s freshest DnB producer to get to know more about the release and his plans for the future.

How are you doing? What have you been up to since your last release on Viper?

Heeey! I am very good thank you! I have been locked in the studio as much as possible and also played a lot of wicked shows. Obviously the priority was making another cool single after “WTF” but as I was working on more and more tunes I ended up with a full blown EP called “True Grit” Really happy to be doing what I’m doing and I’m ready for more.

How does a day in the studio look like for you? What time of the day do you prefer to produce?

It depends really. But in most cases it is pretty much similar every single time. If I’m inspired I can work long hours without even having a bite of food or anything else. If not I usually don’t like forcing myself because the results are usually not that great. I would say I prefer working over night and sometimes even end up working till 6am. I never try to stop myself from working if I feel really inspired which I think is really working for me. So yeah in general I feel more inspired in the evening than during the day.

True Grit is a banging four track EP. Please tell us a bit more about the tracks.

Thank you very much! Well I have to say I really enjoy making club music atm. So my goal was to make this EP really banging and heavy and at the same time try to push myself to sound a bit different than what I’m known for. So that’s how “Tinnitus” was made which was the first track that I have made for the EP. I wanted it to sound really raw… and not to fat on the drums and let the bass do the talking. Basically it goes in so hard it will make your ears ring .

“True Grit” was the second track that I made for the EP; with this one I wanted to do right the opposite to “Tinnitus” I wanted it to have heavy drums and big fat bass along with a big old school sounding stab. And I have made several different parts for it when it comes to rhythm. So I was struggling to decide which of the parts are staying in and which go out. At the end I ended up using all of the parts really clever. It makes the tune really interesting because it changes so much.

Then there is that little gem between all the bangers called “Oxygen”. This is actually a tune I’ve written one year ago if not two. So I basically just needed to do a fresh mixdown on it. With this tune I wanted to give something back to the people that follow me since the beginning. I used to do a lot of liquid and dancefloor liquid. And I felt like this is a perfect song for this cause. Also, if possible, I always try to have something melodic on my releases… so a lot more of melodic stuff to come in the future as well! “Eraser” on the other hand was just meant to be a straight forward smasher. Big spacey intro, filtered breakdown and a bass heavy drop.

What can you tell us about the DNB scene in Slovenia?

The bass scene in Slovenia is not bad. There are a couple of people that do a really good job with promoting parties and making the scene bigger again. I feel like it is still not as strong as it was 6-8 years ago but it is definitely here and it’s growing.I always have to mention club (Klub K4) which was and still is the best club in Slovenia in our capital Ljubljana. And the best parties happen there! So if you are traveling through Europe and you decide to check out our little country, go see it ! 😉

When you’re not making Drum & Bass, what’s going on in your life?

I think I do what everyone else does tbh. I really enjoy playing basketball lately which is funny cause I never played it a lot in my life. I also ride my bike in skateparks and jump. I try to enjoy my life as much as possible. Music business can be quite stressful at some points so it is really good to have something as relaxing as just shooting some hoops and riding my bike .

Where and when can we see you play next?

A couple to mention are Vienna with my buddy Insideinfo and I will be playing in Bulgaria and Czech as well. Really looking forward to coming back out there. Also this is gonna be my first time in Bulgaria which I’m really excited about. Also I’m doing a split Smooth/Telekinesis tour in Australia this summer. I can’t wait to see all my friends out there too! It’s been a year and it has been a long one as well 🙂

What else have you lined up for this year?

The plan for this year is to completely concentrate on making a lot of music, playing as much shows as possible and really just work hard and enjoy the life of drum and bass which never gets old ! I am fortunate enough to say that on this years Let It Roll I will be playing two sets. One as Smooth on Viper Rec. stage and one as Telekinesis for Blackout. This is definitely the most exciting thing that could happen to me and I am humbled and proud. So yeah I will keep on with the hard work on both of my projects and try to put out as much music as I possibly can!

Check out the trailer of the EP, you can buy and stream it here