Smooth – Saturn 3 / Cardiac Arrest feat. Rhymestar – Viper Recordings

Smooth - Saturn 3

Smooth is no stranger to the DNB Vault nor are his production talents. The Slovenian artists has been crushing the drum & bass charts in 2015 while showing no signs of slowing down and his latest single on Viper Recordings is a testament as to why. We take a look at the latest from the producer known as Smooth and his single Saturn 3.

Smooth – Saturn 3

Saturn 3 is a huge tune with a huge sound! Every time I play this one out it’s gets a rewind after the first drop. This is the track to play to get the dance floor hyped up and ready to party. Saturn 3 reminds me of the power and force of Pendulum’s Slam for the current day. If you don’t know about Smooth, get to know him. Big things are coming from his studio and Viper Recordings.

Smooth – Cardiac Arrest feat. Rhymestar

Cardiac Arrest features the vocals of London MC Rhymestar and start off on a reggae styled intro which completely explodes in the first drop into a powerhouse of heavy neuro synth bass and drums. Great tune with a lot of energy and versatile for all set times as an opening tune, closing tune or a bridge tune. This one is sure to make the dance pop off.

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