Smooth – Men Die/Your Right – Bassrush Records


Bassrush Records continues to deliver hard hitting, genre bending releases with a new one from Smooth titled ‘Men Die’ with the flip side ‘Your Right’. Demonstrating the range and power of a label that does all things bass proppa.

Smooth‘s recent release on Bassrush Records is a banger blurring the lines between genres. ‘Men Die’ comes in a with a menacing sample, building up with that classic Drum & Bass drum line build we all know and love to a drop that….psyche….comes right out of a Dub Step sound with plenty more sequences in the background that seem out of place; but are right where Smooth wants them. Not done fucking with you yet though….we’re gonna mix in some heavy Neuro buildups and then drop into a half-time feel. Breakdown get’s it’s bearings straight and is a rinse repeat with some added intensity and complexity on the back end. Smooth really keeps you guessing here and if you like genre bending tracks …..then this track is for you.

The flip side ‘Your Right’ is a cowboy anthem that is heavy metal inspired all the way. Build to a drop that would make Nosia proud and Smooth should be too. Think of a West World mental breakdown, violence and madness scene and you pretty much got it. Stutters and stabs it’s way into the breakdown. Smooth really likes to build your expectations in one direction and then take a sudden left turn when you least expect it. And it’s certainly not boring. Not sure what party you’re at? Good….that’s just where Smooth wants you.



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