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Smooth Catch Up

Ahead of Smooth’s latest release on Viper Recordings we caught up with the Slovenian Drum & Bass don…


Great to be hearing your beats again on Viper, we’re still loving Saturn 3.
Glad to hear that thank you very much! I was looking forward for this next one to see the light of day! 🙂

WTF & Revenge are clearly straight up dance floor bangers, tell us about how you got the release together.
Thanks! There wasn’t actually a “plan” behind it apart from sticking to what i love doing at the and that is making dance floor drum and bass. So I literally wrote a lot of tunes lately and the ones that were the best were finished. So then I just selected two tunes with different vibes but both pounding:) One being more flowey and moving forward and another being more groovey and edgy. So these two seemed to me as the perfect match and my feelings were confirmed by Futurebound and the single was born:)

Both feature a cheeky vocal sample, can we ask where these came from and why?
I actually found the vocal for WTF in my sample library and TBH I have no idea where it originates from. I was just going thru all the audio folders in my FL Studio and I came across this and it seemed to fit the tune perfectly. When it comes to Revenge I was going thru loads of old school trailers and movies and eventually I found “Hawk The Slayer” trailer from the start of the 80s and I knew immediately this was the one! Took me quite some time to fit it in the tune but when I did I was really happy with the result!

You’re from Slovenia in Europe, whats the D&B scene like there?
Yes! The drum and bass scene here is still on a slow slope up I think. Used to be really huge back in like 2003-2005 somewhere. I guess what is happening to the world is showing in the music too. But indeed it is going up and I’m surein a couple years it will be back to where it already once was or even bigger. The good thing about DNB is that it is always interesting and always developing. It will never go away!:)

As 2015 comes to an end what have been the highlights for you?
The highlights of this year I would defo say was the Viper Tour in Australia I had the pleasure to do, alongside The Prototypes, Inside Info and Rhymestar. All of the shows were awesome the people that had us there were just the best you could have around when you are so far from home. So that was defo an experience. As well I have to mention Pirate Station in Moscow. Huge show, the organisation was insane and the people there are great as well! Plenty of shows were sick anyway, gotta mention playing Paris for my boys at “Get in Step” is always sick and fun….also…Stay strong Paris/France!

Whats the plans for you for 2016?
The plan for me has always been to just keep on writing music and hopefully playing a lot of shows as this year. Will defo be putting out loads of new music next year with Viper recordings so keep your ears peeled people and thanks for all the support over the years. Every year I get to do this is a privilege!
And thanks for the interview guys ! Peace


Smooth – WTF & Revenge [Viper Recordings]
Beatport Exclusive: 27 Nov 2015
Released: 4th Dec 2015 – iTunes
More Info: Viper Site