DNB Vault

Sleepnet – Angel Blade – VISION

A beautiful and rumbling soundscape is presented with intense tension created through thoughtful sound design and arrangement. Choir stabs are teased in as the tension builds. Stomping kick drums with a filtered drum kit start to take the forefront as the tension develops into an organic drop that quickly releases the tunes chaos into your ears. A unique and heavy drum pattern carries on as the orchestral nature of the tune continuously commands your full attention.

Developing a harmonious mixture of beautiful sound design and intense anxiety this tune will stand out in any mix. Far away from the cookie cutter format of most drum and bass this song is an experience from start to finish and right when you are looking for more, they let you go and the tune ends. Sleepnet created a masterpiece of an audio experience with this one. I can’t wait to hear it on a huge sound system and gaze across the room as the audience will be experiencing this masterful chaos for the first time.

Words by Bad Martian