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Sitting Down With BMotion

If you’re a fan of drum & bass then you certainly have heard the name BMotion, especially within the last few weeks as his hit tune ‘Bear Hug’ has topped the charts at both Beatport and Juno. The Viper Recordings artist is one of the new faces with the label however his fan base is growing at a tremendous rate due to his amazing work. BMotion’s latest release broke the top 10 two weeks ago and is still a contender sitting in the top 25 on Beatport’s charts. We had the opportunity to sit down with this rising star producer and get a closer look at the man behind the tunes.

BMotion is an interesting artist name, how did you come up with that?
I would like to give you a long elaborate story behind the meaning of BMotion, but unfortunately it was just something i came up with during my time at University sat at my desk, thinking of how to incorporate my real name, (Ben) with something cool and Drum & Bass themed. I started making tracks sending them out under BMotion and it just stuck!

You just released a new single on Viper Recordings that has recently broke the top 10 on Beatport. Can you tell us a bit about this?
Firstly i’d like to thank everyone for their support with Bear Hug, getting it into the top 10 was a big moment for me and another box ticked! Bear Hug has been a long time in the making, along with the flip side Vice City. Both tracks started out as completely different ideas, and after months, almost years in the case of Vice City, have moulded into what they are now. It was a huge relief to get both tracks out there, and even better to see such a great response!

When did you sign with Viper and how did that come about?
I signed with Viper Recordings between early 2015 and getting the final bits done in the last few months. It was a massive moment for me, and to be in the same label as people I have looked up to since getting in to Drum & Bass is just incredible! It all came when I heard Brendan (Futurebound) was interested in some of my tunes and asked me to contact him. I gave him a ring and managed to catch him whilst he was in Toronto, so it was 5am for him! But we still had a little chat and caught up properly a few days later. The rest is history as they say!

Was your release on Rush Records the first set of tunes you got signed? How did you get linked up with them?
Yes, Rush Records was my first release! Very grateful to Toby and the team for giving me that initial chance. I can’t remember exactly how it happened but I think he found my music through YouTube or Soundcloud, then just got chatting through Facebook/email and went from there.

Do you have anything else slatted to come out on Viper Recordings soon?
I have a track called ‘Chaos’ coming out on the 2015 Viper Summer Slammers Album which is due to drop pretty soon. It’s probably my heaviest tune to date, and something I keen to show people. I like to keep diversity in my music, so hopefully this track will show that! Apart from that I’m hard at work trying to get my next single done hopefully for release towards the end of 2015.

Do you have any plans to tour this summer?
I have a handful of gigs towards the end of Summer, but things are still building at the moment, so that side of things will hopefully start to pick up soon!

Have you ever made it over to the US for any shows?
No I haven’t been, but I’ve always wanted to go to the US; so if anyone wants to have me over I would more than welcome it!

Do you have any final words to the DNB Vault readers, Viper followers or BMotion fans out there?
Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my latest release, thanks to the team at Viper and thanks to DNB Vault!! KPow!!

For more information on BMotion
Bmotion on Soundcloud
Bmotion on Facebook
Bmotion on Twitter
Viper Recordings Official Website
Viper Recordings on Twitter

Mike Ragga
Mike is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the DNB Vault who, notably, was a long time writer for the now defunct KMAG while covering music and events from Warp Tour, NOFX, Dirtyphonics and Benny Page.

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