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Sinister Souls & Mathizm – Spider / Hatred – Othercide Records

SINISTER SOULS return to OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS alongside MATHIZM for their latest single SPIDER//HATRED. With a history of collaboration in the form of “Reign in Hell” on PRSPCT recordings, as well as solo releases across labels such as Algorythm Recordings & Yellow Stripe Recordings, the 2 part team created by this pairing now bring their hardcore influenced drum & bass sounds to OTHERCIDE for a devastating single release. Sealed within its bounds are a pair of powerful sonics designed for maximum potential impact.

SPIDER’s initial creeping rhythm grows in stature over its introduction, quickly becoming a brash arpeggiated lead that provides the springboard for the track’s primary aspect, a sharply edged bassline that moves to a funk fueled rhythm atop a torrent of percussion. The menacing atmosphere of HATRED finds quarter with its predecessor, driven by similar tonality as its vocal sample calls forth a destructive assault of straight beat drums & a gnashing bassline, before reaching its peak in a furious flurry of its many elements combined.

With SPIDER//HATRED, SINISTER SOULS & MATHIZM display an unerring commitment to the harder side of Drum & Bass, driving it to its maximum potential across a pair of tracks released via OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS



Sinister Souls



Othercide Records



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