Signalfista – Black Square / No More Ft Mc Etiquette – Patrol The Skies Music


Brace yourselves for some weighty neurofunk action with the Black Square // No More EP from Houston duo Signalfista. After a massive collaboration with Pish Posh on the Mayan Audio Summer 2016 LP, the boys are back on PTSM for their second release on the label and it is no walk in the park… Think more of a stroll through a minefield in a tank!

On the A side, Black Square will pummel you straight into the dancefloor right from its menacing tribal intro through to its punishing, yet mechanically precise drop! Striking a fine balance between Neuro aggressiveness and wild off-kilter Funk, this track will leave you craving for more!

Good thing it’s followed by No More, an equally heavy number from its first percussive impact, featuring MC Etiquette and his fast-paced delivery. The song’s razor-sharp, metallic bassline and furious live-sounding drums give it a visceral sense of urgency and power. Things get heavier and lock into a hypnotic groove on the second drop when the song goes in half time to deliver its final, violent, blow!

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