Shogun Audio has been celebrating their 100th release with a series of four-track EPs that serve to capture the breadth and depth of what the vision behind the imprint is all about. From straight up dancefloor burners on through to deeper, intricate vibes and beats, Shogun Audio prove why they’re still at the forefront of the scene and continue to stand tall while still staying true to the craft.

On this third EP for the ‘100’ release series, Break, Total Science, Fourward, and Karma flex and turn in a heady mix of grooves that bring on the dancefloor shivers in all the right places. Fourward opens things up with the funky “Yung Bongo” that has just the right touch of old-school mixed with the new to keep the heads grinding it out on the dancefloor. Total Science brings on the goosebumps with their contribution to the cause as “Infinite Pathways” delivers a bittersweet mix of harmonics and melancholy atmospheres before Karma and D.Ablo take “Proposal” down a similar path with even more dark and dirty grit in the mix to keep things grounded.

Closing things out is the inimitable Break whose “Emeralds” is a masterclass in the way that the call and response between the layers and elements within a tune can elevate it into a language that’s all its own. Bubbling basslines, crisp breaks, and details that continue to evolve throughout, it’s a great way to end the third outing on what is shaping up to be one of Shogun’s most impressive releases to date.

This one’s out now so wheel it up and snatch your copy here.