Serial Killaz Presents – The Mixtape Vol. 3


We are proud to announce third installment of the popular mixtape series by Serial Killaz presents, an absolute monster selection of upfront drum and bass and jungle beats. To squeeze this amount of quality content into one release is pretty much unheard of and with over 55 tracks from producers such as Upgrade, T>I, Benny L, Voltage, DJ Hybrid, Ed Solo, Deekline and the Serial Killaz themselves, you won’t find a better value offering this side of 2019.

One reason why these compilations are always so popular is that all of these tunes have been road tested months in advance by Serial Killaz across the globe. None of these tracks have gone without an instant reload or two and will certainly fill your virtual crates with ample ammunition for months to come.

Stuck for selection? This mixtape will most certainly have you covered.

  • Zar – Don’t Let It Fade Away

Zar starts the tune off with a simple high hat and a filtering vocal & skank combo that creeps in over the intro.  With a quick break for the full vocal sample separating the drop.  Once the tune drops a nice riddim style bassline starts up. While the bassline holds the tune true to its reggae roots the drums start tingling and skipping quite aggressively in the background to remind you this is a dancefloor tune.  Well thought out with standard dancefloor arrangement this tune is going to hit nice when the dj drops it.

  • Upgrade – The Voice

Haunting stabs with heavy reverb and a moody bassline start out the intro on the voice.  Quickly it transforms into a solid stepper with the stabs continuing and crisp drums added. Before you know it you’re bobbing your head along and appreciating how low the sub is hitting. With a few changes to the octave of the stabs the tune starts to move around a bit leaving the listener both completely satisfied with the soundscape yet wondering if there is a change coming around the corner. Once the breakdown hits it’s back to the haunting stabs and sub.  When the drop comes back there is an addition of distortion that allows just enough change to please the listener. This tune has a heavy dancefloor focus but the sound design is unique enough to please the listener in any environment.

  • Harley D – Badboy

With a looped vocal and an appregiated melody Badboy starts off in an almost Tron like soundscape. Although it doesn’t last long it’s a nice way to softly engage the listener. With a quick intro this tune gets right to work. Scattered but clean drum work on this one pleasing the ears of even the pickiest of junglists and raunchy, distorted basslines that rise and fall to create an amazing tension for the dancefloor. The edits on the vocal and drums keep you completely focused and wanting to anticipate the tunes next move. The breakdown completely stops the tune for a few and rebuilds with a classic kick build up anchoring it. When it drops again its noisy and screechy and everything that a dancefloor tune should be. This one is sure to be championed by both sides of the jungle and dnb spectrums.

  • Phizical – Bonasera

With a tribal like intro Bonasera starts off with a drum circle vibe. Quickly placing the listener in a soundscape that is wide open and eerie.  When the drop hits the sub really carries the weight of the tune. The top of the bassline sounds like a piece of bass is being torn off for the listener and placed on the tune.  The drums are clean and militant and keeps the tune grounded with a steady rhythm.  The vocals are chopped in a blocky fashion creating an almost turntablist feel as if the dj is chopping them in live. This would be a fun tune in the mix as its simple, yet it continues to grind away with the bassline fully in charge.

  • Selecta J-Man – Big Bout Ya

Crisp and mixable drums start us off here with the vocal and riddim quickly creeping in. The drums step away for the first breakdown and the bassline catches you off guard with its first stab. This would be a very welcome surprise on a good-sized sound system.  The drop comes in and the vocal, riddim, bassline and drums all meet up and start playing nice together. With clever vocal edits and subtle drum edits keeping the tune interesting it quickly moves on to the 2nd breakdown using the same formula as the first breakdown. With some filtering and vocal edits, we soon arrive at the 2nd drop which is very similar to the first but not identical. The listener is rewarded on this 2nd drop with a thicker bassline and some different drum edits that again command your attention.

  • Serial Killaz – Rude Bwoyz

Serial Killaz start this one off with a film like soundscape that quickly has an early 90’s rave stab filter in and completely take over. The stab leads into a quick bass and drum build which cleverly turns into the first drop. The almost wet sounding distorted bassline is unique and heavy at the same time which focuses the listener. The rave stab is teased throughout the tune with perfectly timed edits on the drums and bass.  Using subtle changes in the patterns the Serial Killaz get a whole lot of tune out of just a few elements on this one. Certainly, designed for the dancefloor this would also be a solid tune for the car as it makes me feel like driving fast and I am sitting in the middle of an office. The sound design on this tune is not to be overlooked. One of the most unique basslines while still giving off a nostalgic vibe.

  • Code Red – Whatever You Want

Classic break work leads you into this one with the break filtering into the break and eventually creating the build back to the first drop. However, when the drop hits the vibe of the tune completely flips into a dancefloor smasher with a jump up style bassline screeching away. The stompy and clean drums keep the tune moving while the wonky bassline really lets the listener have a bit of fun moving around the dance. Perfect for the peak of a set or leading up to it, this tune has a truck load of energy and is well put together as to not tire the listener.  With top arrangement, mix and master all clearly standing out this tune is sure to do well in all the dances coming up.

  • Hexa – Air

Light crisp drums sit neatly over a dark soundscape as this tune creeps in. With retro style sound FX denoting the upcoming change you get a quick flip before the drums thicken up and the bassline drops.  The bassline is like no other as it uses a pitch bend effect to create a unique pattern and sound that really engages the listener. A huge sound system would really do this bassline justice and the uniqueness of it is sure to catch the attention of even the oldest junglist in the dance. The drums remain simple throughout the tune leaving room for your attention to focus on the constantly shifting bassline.  Another one that would be fun in the mix due to the shifting bassline and its unique patterns.

Words by Bad Martian



Serial Killaz




Serial Killaz