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Selecta J-Man feat. Suku – Couple Guinness – Born On Road

Selecta J-Man and Suku team up to give us a smasher of a single from the Born On Road label that just keeps on giving us one knock out after another. Does not disappoint.

Selecta J-Man is one of the more prolific producers from the Born On Road roster and he’s off to a running start in 2021 with a string of releases already. That vibe hits right out of the gate with just a simple snare and the vocal talents of Suku. A dramatic pause just before the drop and it comes in hot with the wub wub while that snare just keeps on driving. Some pads, sweeps, hi hats and fills in the background that round out the sound rather nicely. Underneath it all those rumbler subs just to remind you who yer fuckin’ with. The breakdown ramps things up another notch with the vocals. This track falls into that rare category of being both great on a dance floor and for serious listeners.

And it’s a damn fine recipe for a buzz as well. One spliff and a couple Guinness works just fine thanks.



Selecta J-Man


Born On Road


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