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Seba – Jungle Music/Cloudless Review

No matter how long you have been into drum & bass, “Seba” is one of the names you should be familiar with. The Swedish producer has established a reputation and a distinguished career that has stretched back over 15 years. From his early tracks on LTJ Bukem’s ground-breaking label Good Looking Records to his more recent work across labels including Metalheadz, Soul:r, Hospital and his own label Seceret Operations, Seba’s music has retained a timeless appeal and brings together beats and bass in classic yet inimitable style.

For his latest releases, due on his label Secret Operations at the end of October, Seba serves up two splendid tunes that capture that early atmospheric or intelligent jungle/drum and bass vibe but with a modern tone.

Vocal and ambient rainforest samples clear a path to dense, delayed old school breakbeats and dark 808 sub bass on “Jungle Music”. This tune captures the feel of the ’95-’97 jungle/drum & bass sound while transporting you into a lush nocturnal rainforest setting.

Seba continues the early atmospheric or intelligent jungle/drum & bass vibe with a modern liquid flair on “Cloudless”. Crisp kicks and snares build into ethereal pads and filtered leads while thunder sounds, rainforest samples and delayed vocal samples float effortlessly through out the tune.

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