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Saxxon – Visions // Ping Pong – Boomslang Recordings

Big ups all headz, Special ED here with a treat for you.  Boomslang Recordings debut release with the one and only Saxxon, out Sept. 25th.  I really look forward to hearing what is instore for us from Boomslang.   Let’s get into it!


Saxxon wastes no time getting right into business on this one.  Slightly harder edged compared to other Saxxon tunes which is a very good thing.  We start with a flute riff that creates a summery vibe that doesn’t last for long.  The tune drops and takes you on an action packed journey.  Techy, funky vibes that no dance will resist. 

Ping Pong

One of the most technical tunes I have heard from Saxxon.  Slightly subdued drum layers that deep and funky combined with a bassline that just won’t quit.  The drum programming is a thing of beauty and right on point.  Saxxon has taken sounds from the eras to make this killer tune!

This release will put Boomslang Recordings on the map.  Do yourselves a favor and pick this one up!

Ed Knudson
Special ED has been DJing Jungle and D&B since 1996, influenced heavily by the Ragga and Jump-Up styles of the time. Special ED has played alongside some of the VIP Drum n’ Bass - Jungle DJ's, producers and MC's, such as Spectrasoul, DJ SS, Remarc, Dieselboy, AK1200, General Malice. Nickey Blackmarket, Mikey Finn, Aphrodite, Artificial Intelligence, Slip & Slide, Marcus Visionary, Lush, John B, A Sides, Mathematics, Sigma, Ed Rush & Optical, Capital J, Eskman, L-Natural and Caddy Cad to mention a few. As of recent Special ED has joined FLEX Recordings as an artist and Radio Press Officer.

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