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Satin – Murdera Remixes – HUMDRUMA RECORDINGS

Stateside jungle powerhouse HUMDRUMA
is back at it again with a whole series of remixes to their first release ever! Gathering heavy hitters and fresh faces from all over the jungle spectrum, label boss Satin puts together a storming remix album that is sure to have something for everyone in it. Standout remixes are noted below in detail but each remix has earned a place on this album with killer reworks and original approaches to the tune.

West Coast bass legend R.A.W. takes a half time approach to his remix with huge bass punching through the mix and a solid re-worked classic break holding it together. Erie FX and vocal delays set a haunting tone to this one that is sure to get the attention of everyone in the dance. This will be a great addition to any half time set or a solid way to breakdown a heavy jungle set. R.A.W. continues to show us why he is the King of the Remix.

Oscar Da Grouch takes a very aggressive sound clash style approach to his remix and absolutely knocks it out of the park. He adds vocals from various tunes and clashes that share the murdera theme and vibe while also retaining the original vocal parts and using them as FX to set the tone of the song. A low hitting sub floats under some extremely crunchy breaks that seem to move and change at the speed of sound. This one is for the hardcore junglists!

I-Cue takes us back to our junglist roots on this one. Retaining more of the original song that Murdera was sampled from, he builds on the riddim vibe and provides a clean ride through the jungle soundscape. The main loop holds the song together as the bassline moves it along and the clean, scattered drums trickle in and out of the song creating a beautiful remix that really sounds fun to play.

Satin shows us once again why Humdruma has been a notable label in jungle for years by keeping his quality high and his fans happy. There is no end in sight to where this label can go and what they can accomplish. Many jungle labels have come and gone but Humdruma is here to stay and are consistently showing us why we should be excited about that. Take a minute to follow them below and support the junglist movement worldwide!

Take a listen:

Purchase Here: https://www.junodownload.com/products/satin-murdera-remixes/3895267-02/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/humdrumarecordingzofficial/
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