Satin & Mixjah – SoundBwoys EP – Humdruma Recs.


Out now is the latest project by Satin & Mixjah on Humdruma Recordings. For this EP they enlisted the talents of 4 MC’s who have given this sick jungle instrumental their own flavor!

No matter what your vocal style preference is, there is something here for everyone!

It was tough for us to pick a favorite, but JB’s style worked perfectly with this tune, as always art is subjective and you may have a different favorite!

Big love goes out to MC Dino, Astro MC and Miss Haze as they all definitely did their thing!

As far as the instrumental, this is what you come to expect from Satin & Mixjah’s progressive jungle flavor, great drum work, proper bass, and impeccable choice of samples! Another one in the books

Make sure to hit that play button and stream it now!

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