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Santoku Records Remix Competition Winner Announcement.

Today is the day!

We are finally announcing the winner of the Mayhem & Logam Remix Competition. We were going to announce last week but had discovered that quite a few submissions were accidentally deleted by our email host and wanted to give a little bit more time to allow everyone to re submit if necessary. Unfortunately we did not get all of the deleted submissions back but we listened to all of the ones that we had and made our decision.

Congratulations to Myselor! Out of all the submissions we listened to we felt this one was the most uniformed and well executed. A stripped down funky roller that offers something new but still maintains the original vibe. Myselor’s remix will be forthcoming along with an official remix by ….. you’ll see when it drops 😉

Myselor will also be receiving a free pair of high quality ear plugs from Ear Peace! Big up man!

We also wanted to give a shout out to Steve G, Drumliar, and Fakt for their submissions. Each one brought something different to the table but all of them were equally unique.

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to participate and hope that you enjoyed having a go at Orion!

At this time you are now free to upload and share your remixes.

Big up everyone!

Thanks again!


For more information on Santoku Records:
Santoku Records on Bandcamp
Santoku Records on Soundcloud
Santoku Records Official Website

For more information on Myselor:
Myselor on Facebook

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