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S9 – Get It Right – DeVice

A lone high hat shrouded in euphoric fog greats us at the start of this one. Melodic elements are slowly introduced with a nod towards forward thinking trance. Beautifully crafted and thoughtful space is created while slowly building tension towards the drop. A filtered break leading into a kick build takes us over the edge into the beat as the lead vocal “I just want to get it right” is introduced. Underneath the music is an unassuming hoover style bassline that is perfectly matched and mixed into the tune. 80’s style synthesis dances playfully in the background as the bassline and break move you through the motions.

The vocal processing is perfection as the vocal simply stutters and floats in the background throughout the tune. When the breakdown arrives, you are transported into the middle of an 80’s sci-fi film in the most wonderful way. The drop comes in again and once again you are moving along to the humming bassline, a simple melody, and a clean break. The sound design and synthesis on this one is outstanding and will leave a wonderful taste with the listener. Smooth, running and just the right amount of energy makes this one a must have dancefloor track that can also be enjoyed at home.

Words by Bad Martian









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