S9 feat. Coppa – Collide/Together – Bassrush Records


Bassrush records unleashes yet another epic showstopper release. This time with S9 and enlisting the vocal talents of MC Coppa. Two absolute powerhouse tracks guaranteed to make your feet vibrate.

These two bangers come out of the corner swinging and hitting hard. And then in round two take you down for some ground and pound. Just relentlessly heavy. All fire and no filler.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s really hard for me to get enough of MC Coppa. Honestly not sure if it’s possible. He slides right into S9‘s heavy style on ‘Collide’. Menacing anthem lyrics for the buildup to the drop that hits like a ton of bricks. This is the sort of stuff that earned DnB the title of “the heavy metal of electronic music”. Snares cracking like a slap in the face and bass dropping like bombs. Coppa‘s voice over the top striking like lightning. Ramp’s up again at the breakdown with Coppa there to keep it real. Headbanger all the way. Heavy but never looses the groove.

‘Together’ sounds like it’s gonna take a different tone from the go. Comes in light and breezy, then the synths begin to come in and adds some tension. The vocals come in calling out with a ramping build up to a drop that is just foot to the floor, eyeballs to the windshield and hair to the ceiling all the way. It’s more hopeful sounding than the other side. The overtures are all about them good guys (and gals) winning in the end. So S9 gives us a happy ending to and epic clash is the take away here. Great soundtrack material if the world was going completely bonkers.

There’s probably a current events reference in there somewhere. I’ll let you connect the dots.





MC Coppa


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