RUKO’S Interview with STILLZ


What was it like working with Cramz for the remix?

It was really great to be fair, once he sent over the stems I had a rough
first idea within a couple of hours and I sent it to him and he was really
happy with what I done. Then a few days later I finished it all up and both
nick and cramz was happy with what I had done.

You have been releasing tunes with Pick the lot for a little over a
year. What has it been like working with Nick and the label ?

It’s honestly been great. Everything is clear with promotion building up to
the releases and just everything that comes with releasing music is very
well communicated to me and that’s the best you can ask for.

When where you introduced to Drum And Bass ? What drew you in?

I think I was about 15-16 so not that long ago as I’m 20 now but It was a
old set from LTJ bukem back in 1994. Can’t remember where the set was but I
just remember it was him and that year.

Now that shows are starting back up. What are you most eager to get
back to? (Clubs/Festivals/All)

For me personally it’s clubs. Festivals are great but I feel club nights
you have more of a connection with the crowd and the people who come out to
see you play. Festivals are great also because they have smaller stages and
just the production value behind them is great but for me personally it’s
all about the clubs.

If you could do a colab with anyone , who would it be?

For me right now it would have to be either Sota or DJ Hazard.

You have put out a lot dope music over the last 3 years. Where do you
see your art going in the next 5?

So for the next 5 I’d love to see myself releasing on some of the top labels such at hospital, ram, critical etc.

If you where a super hero, what would be your super power?

If I had to choose I’d say be able to fly. You would get around so quickly
and be able to just remove yourself in an instant at any situation.








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