Roni Size – Dayz (Benny L Remix)


What would it be like to have one of the most legendary Drum & Bass producers in…ever, get remixed by one of the most current cutting edge producers in the game; on one of the most forward thinking labels around?

Yeah, pretty fucking awesome it what it would be like. And, zero surprise it is.

This track does an amazing job at combining and balancing the groove of Roni Size and the grimy bass lines of Benny L. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t work…but it does. Clean precise snares and growling subs play really well off of each other it turns out. This track works for the beach or the nightclub. But, given the name….yeah, you get it…..

Much to my surprise, we haven’t written about either Roni Size or Benny L on this site much if at all that I can tell. So, I guess it’s time then.

Few other names in the world of Drum & Bass have the gravity to them that Roni Size does. Hailing from Bristol, he won the Mercury Prize Award in 1997 for the ‘New Forms’ album. Breaking his collective and D&B into the mainstream with the likes of the classic ‘Brown Paper Bag’. He made a big return to the touring circuit back in 2017 and it looks like he plans on sticking around for a while longer. As he continues to work with producers and labels on the forefront of the genre. With very satisfying results at that.

Benny L is, to put it mildly, one of the most in demand DJs in the world right now. After his breakout hit ‘Low Blow’ on Metalheadz; he’s been coming out of the corner swinging pretty much every time you turn around and has left his mark on the genre with what has now been dubbed the “foghorn” bass line. His remix of John Holt’s ‘Police in Helicopter’ actually sat in the #1 spot on all of beatport for a minute. Which was a first for a Drum & Bass production. He lends his remix magic to this track and it doesn’t disappoint.


Roni Size

Benny L

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