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Rohaan – Burner – Mad Zoo

Diverse UK bass music producer Rohaan has been making waves these last few years with a range releases spanning broken beats to drum & bass. Now signed up by Mat Zo for his Mad Zoo imprint, Rohaan gets set to release his debut album ‘Bleach’ in April. ‘Burner’ is the first single to be taken from the LP and sets the tone with Rohaan’s freshest take on D&B. Keep your eyes peeled for more music in the coming weeks. Playing shows from Berlin to London to Amsterdam, garnishing support and nods from the likes of Bleep Bloop, Tsuruda, DJ Craze, Noisia, Herobust, UZ, Nest HQ, Run The Trap & more, the future looks good for Rohaan.

Rohaan has a very diverse catalog producing….well…everything really. He’s got quite a range making everything from Leftfield Bass (I’m gonna be honest with ya, this is the first time I’ve heard that term) to Hip Hop to Trap to Halftime. But, through all of this Rohaan has always had his ear to the bass side of things and you can tell both his diversity and his ear from this track. Extremely high production standards are clearly in place here and he delivers a very fine listener track that immediately conjures up visions of opening scenes in an apocalypse movie. It’s has keyboard elements in it that remind me a lot of early sci-fi movies. Only….you know….with a really good beat, great buildups and a nice rumbler of a sub.

Actually that gives me a really good idea for an apocalypse movie. Here’s another good idea: pick this up and add it to your collection. ‘Burner’ is out now on Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo imprint. You know what to do.





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