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Diverse UK bass music producer Rohaan has been making waves these last few years with a range releases spanning broken beats to drum & bass. Now signed up by Mat Zo for his Mad Zoo imprint, Rohaan gets set to release his debut album ‘Bleach’.

Spanning multiple styles this concise collection of super fresh productions showcases Rohaan‘s unique take on drum & bass and sound design. From the flickering tech of ‘People Of Eve’ to the 4/4 thump of ‘City Of Ezra’ and downright dirty vibes of ‘Traffic’, ‘Bleach’ is a mighty debut that makes a very big mark in a small amount of time.

Garnishing support and nods from the likes of High Contrast, Tsuruda, DJ Craze, Noisia, Herobust, Nest HQ, Run The Trap & more, the future looks good for Rohaan.

Q.How did you get started?

It’s quite funny. I was actually in the RAF cadets for two years in York. I went to go see Skrillex play live in Sheffield for his first UK tour. The next day i told my mum i was quitting RAF cadets to pursue a music career hahah. A few years later here we are

Q.What’s your musical Background?

My Mum introduced me to electronic music from a super young age. So I’ve been exposed to the likes of the Prodigy and early Faithless for years.
When i was around 15/16 i started DJing a ton of local house parties in York. This spured me on to go study Music Tech for a few years at school. I then went onto move to Manchester at the age of 18 and study Music Production further at the amazing ‘School of Electronic Music’. This gave me a huge boost into the industry. Just been putting the hours in ever since.

Q.Who are some of your influences?

ImanuMall GrabFloating PointsJon HopkinsFour TetMISSIN

Q.Please tell us about your first release’ when, who etc?

Oofft, i have been releasing music for a while now. Totally lost count of how many releases. I started off releasing music on some small collectives based in America around 3/4 years ago! Big up to Crown Collective and Phuture Collective for being key players in giving me a platform at an early stage of my career.

Q.Who have you gotten support from?

Mat Zo, Noisia, DJ Craze, BBC Radio 1, Drum & Bass Arena, Bassnectar, Bassrush… list goes on

Q.What releases do you have out currently or upcoming in drum and bass?

My LP ‘Bleach’ is out now via MAD ZOO so check that out 🙂 The rest is a secret for now, but i have a remix coming out on a big drum and bass label mid May.

Q.Has the quarantine affected your style of production?

It hasnt affected the style at all, I am definetly not producing as much as normal though. I am still busy with my sample pack company ‘Knots Audio’ and some 1-2-1 music buisness tutoring I do for producers/DJs.

Q.Favorite thing to do when you are not producing?


Q.Any ‘thank you’s’ you’d like to give out?

Just want to say big up to the Andrew and Mat for their hard work so far. Big up MAD ZOO
And big up Mother Hen







Mad Zoo




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