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The Rise of DnB in Las Vegas

EDM may have the Vegas spotlight with the Electric Daisy Carnival growing bigger and grander every year, but there seems to be another electronic music genre that’s also making headway in Sin City. Although often overshadowed by the ever so popular dance music, the drum n bass music scene has surfaced from the underground and invaded downtown bars and clubs. So while a club on the Strip will invite the likes of Calvin Harris or Diplo to keep the party bumping all night, you’re more likely to be energized by the heavy bass reverberating in the establishments away from the casino hype.

The local DnB scene has been under wraps for a couple of decades now, and with a larger following came the need to bring light onto the heavy hitters and rising stars of the genre. Joe “Stasis” Borusiewicz is one of the few behind the progression of bass music in the city, teaming up with other individuals to create a Facebook page that would spark local interest and curiosity in terms of their parties. The page also connects traveling DJs that are hoping to expand their network. One of their most recent events was the kick off for their Syrup Sounds series, with 6Blocc as their headliner and producers from around the world. Syrup is a weekly event occurring every Thursday to bring fresh sounds from outside of Nevada.

A somewhat questionable development in the city’s scope of music considering history defined Vegas music with icons like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, electronic music is still considered young in the gambling hub but has clearly made a new home in this city. With electronic music and of all its subgenres booming worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Las Vegas became the destination for bassheads. Music has always been a major component in the Vegas entertainment landscape often broadening their scene by letting rappers host club nights and showcasing legends such as Michael Jackson on slot machines, which have recently been featured on leading online portals such as Gala Bingo as well. With room for diversity, local talents are now leaving their basements to share their craft with the substantial number of DnB fans in the dessert.

Will DnB ever hit the megaclubs? Probably not, since the subgenre doesn’t seem to fit quite right with the glitz and glamour of nightclubs on the Strip. But bass music is quickly becoming something that residents are identifying with, as they discover there is more to electronic music than just EDM.

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