Rido + Counterstrike – Let It Roll: Interview

Rido + Counterstrike - Let It Roll

Let It Roll, one of the largest European drum and bass festivals, recently has launched it’s own label that has been climbing the charts thanks to producers Rido and Counterstrike. The Opening EP is getting major play time from top biling artist around the globe and is currently sitting at #3 on Beatport. The DNB Vault had a chance to speak with both producers about this new label project and see what else is in store as the New Year dawns upon us.

You both live in interesting parts of the world. How did each of you get into the drum and bass culture where you are and then producing it?
Rido: I get into electronic music because of The Prodigy. And from there it was just a natural progress for me into Jungle/Drum and bass. I started with production because I wanted to know how to make that crazy music. And djing came afterwards.
Counterstrike: I’m originally from Cape Town South Africa. I started DJ’ing and promoting drum and bass parties there in 1995. I moved to London for 2 years from 1996 – 1998 to get to the bottom of the scene. I used to work at The End which was great for drum and bass. Upon my return from London, I did a course in music and got into production. In 2000, I released my first record on Allied Recordings.

Let It Roll, the festival and the label is based out of Prague, what is DNB like there?
Rido: At the moment, it is quite popular.
Counterstrike: Drum and bass is huge in Prague. There is a party on pretty much every day of the week. Everything from liquid to the hard stuff. So many kids on the metro blast D&B through their headphones.

What is your DAW of choice?
Rido: Cubase. It suites my needs and the way I work.
Counterstrike: Cubase, since 1998!

You both have released tunes on big labels like Algorythm, Viper, Black Sun Empire, Metalheadz and Hospital but what was your first drum and bass release?
Rido: My first release was track “Strangers” on “Defcom recordings”.
Counterstrike: My first release was on Allied Recordings in 2000, but I usually release on my own label Algorythm. The Panacea’s, Position Chrome or Prspct, I usually go for a harder sound. I’m about 100 releases deep now, so I’ve had releases as diverse as Black Sun Empire, Moving Shadow and Dim Mak.

You just joined up with a new label called Let It Roll. How did this come about and what’s the history of the name?
Rido: It started that I was asked two years ago to do sound design for the opening show. It went down really well so they asked me to do it again this year. And because Let It Roll started the label this year, it was just a natural progress after a really good respond from the people about the track that we have decided to do an Ep from the Opening show.
Counterstrike: I’ll leave that one for the Let It Roll guys to answer…

Rido, your first release on the label features Counterstrike, how did the two of you come to working on this project together?
Rido: As I mentioned I was asked to do the sound design for the opening show and because I was quite busy I asked my friend Counterstrike to help me out with it. And we wanted to make original track for the big final of the show. And the respond was so good that we have decided to finish the track and release it.
Counterstrike: We were doing the opening sound for the summer Let it Roll festival. We had to do a drum and bass track for the end part of it. So we opened Rido’s magic sample folder and just threw something together quickly as we were kinda pressed for time. We really had so much fun doing it, though. Pure vibes. After the festival, we had a lot of people enquiring about the track, so we had to put in some time and finish it.

The new release is already charting on Beatport’s Top 10, did you think this would kick off as successfully as it did?
Rido: Well, I was really pleased with the respond already at the festival. And a lot of people were asking me about that track. So it is great to see that people are really enjoying the track.
Counterstrike: There has been a lot of hype surrounding this track. I had people from all corners of D&B hitting me up about it. I was expecting it to do well, but not this well.

What’s next for the both of you?
Rido: I’ll keep working on my solo stuff in 2016 and hopefully some interesting collabs too. Because I really enjoy making music with friends. It’s a lot of fun.
Counterstrike: I just finished an album. It will be out on Algorythm Recordings in March. Masters for the vinyl were sent off this week, so it’s been a hectic few months.

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Rido: I just want to thank all my fans for their support. Because that is what drives me to make more music. And I would wish to all your readers joyful and relaxed Christmas. Thanks!
Counterstrike: Thanks for supporting me to do what I love.

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