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Richter & Sam Foxx – All is Lost – Play Me

With a ton of support from Bassrush, Viper, and more, Richter is quickly becoming a dominant name in the world of Drum & Bass. Meeting up at Icon Collective he is joined by Sam Foxx in ‘All Is Lost’.

Sam Foxx and Richter team up to bring us the drama filled ‘All is Lost’. A track that is perfect soundtrack material for….well….I think you can imagine the scene in the movie right? If you like BIG main stage showstoppers that bring things to the epic peak where it seems like the world is coming apart at the seams, then this one if for you. Great buildup to a drop with the gravity of a black hole, then the heavy metal sounds cut loose a rip like a storm through the air. I honestly can’t wait to hear this on a massive sounds system with my feet vibrating. Out on the Play Me imprint right now, Richter and Sam Foxx deliver a banger here that illustrates exactly why these two are on the rise.



Sam Foxx


Play Me




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