Richter – Runnin Drums Feat. Kerizma- Bassrush Records


Richter hits Bassrush Records with his debut single RUNNIN DRUMS Feat. Kerizma MC. This heavyweight introduction of Richter is getting huge support from heavy waits The Prototypes , Rene LaVice , and many others.

Runnin’ Drums starts out with a haunting soundscape of industrial noises pulled together with a nice percussive high hat pattern. Before you know it Kerizma chimes in with an aggressive hook that will get the attention of all the hip hop heads. With intricate processing on the vocal you get a feel of a matrix style, robotic element that feeds directly into the industrial landscape. Kerizma blesses the tune with thought provoking lyrics that are hyper focused on the drum and bass sound. Keeping things short in the intro the drop comes as soon as the vocal hook stops. The drop comes in absolutely screaming and stomping with clean, big drums and abrasive synth work that will tear any dancefloor apart within seconds. If this one doesn’t get a full rewind within 15 seconds of the drop, you may not be performing it to a drum and bass crowd. Giving you a breather at the breakdown the haunting landscape takes over once again and you get a different hook changed up slightly for the second drop. This tune is an absolute smasher and has made a fan of me today. I will be grabbing any Richter tunes I see in the future.

Words by Bad Martian






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