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René LaVice – Hollywood (feat. S.P.Y)

Revered producer, DJ and BBC Radio 1 presenter René LaVice has announced exciting new label Device with first single Hollywood ft. S.P.Y. Established audio brand Minirig have also collaborated with René for exclusive speakers to celebrate, kicking off the launch to a flying start.

Crossing genre boundaries and boasting production versatility René LaVice is taking his Device label to the next level, “Device is a platform for releasing tracks that really bang. Certified festival heaters that push the boundaries and make the crowd pop. It’s a great home for the collaborations I’ve been doing with other top tier artists within D&B and beyond.”

He continues to reveal, “The aesthetic and the vibe of the label is meant to push you out of your comfort zone and act as an extension of my attitude toward genre bending and making a statement.”

Being the first production René LaVice made with Device in mind, Hollywood ft. S.P.Y. does exactly that, “We wanted to create a hybrid style that was as lethal in the club as it was interesting in headphones.” Demonstrating its power across all platforms, the release and label launch also marks the launch of exclusive custom Minirig x Device speakers. To celebrate, René will also be doing a giveaway across his socials for fans to have a chance of winning one of the exclusive Minirig x Device pieces. 

Sure to pack a punch on the new speakers, Hollywood features warping bass and electrifying percussion making for a drum and bass weapon that marks an explosive entrance for Device and exciting signs of what’s to come from René LaVice and the new label.

René LaViceHollywood ft. S.P.Y. is out now via Device. 

From the humble beginnings of his first contact discovering Drum & Bass on late night Toronto college radio; to becoming one of it’s premiere representatives one of the world’s biggest platforms on BBC 1, Rene LaVice has come a long way indeed.

One of the most amazing sets this reporter has ever been lucky enough to catch was in a B2B set with Rene LaVice and Luke Argilla from Bachelors of Science at San Franciso’s Stamina shortly after the death of the legend Marcus Intalex. Rene and Luke got together and went through his entire catalog and did a tribute to Marcus Intalex that can only be described as a vigil. It was truly something else and demonstrated both of the DJ/producer’s abilities to channel vibes from the collective that were “in the air” and play back what everyone was feeling on a bad ass sound system in an intimate setting. It was an epic magical catharsis. One of those sets that just changes you afterwords.

Coming off a masterful release with Future Cuts on Metalheadz that really pays tribute to their sound and the roots of Drum & Bass/Jungle; he continues his journey by forging his own path with his label Device. Teaming up with master DJ/Producer the one and only SPY to begin cutting his own way through the Jungle.

We will all be paying close attention to the sounds coming from his corner in the future.



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