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Rene LaVice – Budz- DeVice

Budz starts off with a simple drum break saturated heavily in reverb creating the feeling of empty space. Slowly bass elements start to filter in and accompany the break pointing towards the drop. There is no break before the drop, it simply builds momentum with the help of a filtered vocal and rolls right on in.

The tune starts stomping away with heavily distorted bass patches grabbing your attention. Creative swapping of these patches creates a spaced out yet stompy vibe that will be fun to mix in with a multitude of options. When the breakdown hits it is filled with techno style synthesis and has an openness and freeness to it that leaves little to no structure. The break quickly starts up again and slowly builds the original momentum back up. Same drop style the tune just rolls right back on in to the stompy bass patches and once again your head is nodding away at this absolute stormer of a tune.



Rene Lavice






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