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Receptor – Avocado – Evolution Chamber

‘Avocado’ is the debut single from Receptor on the imprint Evolution Chamber, the fresh drum & bass imprint which has already given audiences Magnetude’s ‘Mantis’, ‘Falling’ and Task Horizon’s ‘Disintegrate’. The Russian stalwart, often described as the countries answer to Spor, has spent the last few years building up an arsenal of weaponry which he’ll now drop on a label brought together by the combined weight of his own work, alongside Task Horizon and Magnetude. Following in the wake of such successful records, ‘Avocado’ manages to hit the same high standards as its predecessors, although through the Receptor trademark which has enabled him to receive global recognition.

‘Avocado’ takes the swinging grooves of jump up and splits this across the high-production standards which Receptor has coined from the beginning. With slick vocals driving you into the track’s first breakdown, it ducks and dives between each hook, something which will prove its worth throughout clubland. This is a different take on a typically UK sound and Receptor does this perfectly, using the cross-pollination of styles which has helped Evolution Chamber rise from the ashes as a label that showcases the versatility of its artists.

Evolution Chamber continue their onslaught of releases with the showcasing of Receptor, a member of its roster who will also be bringing his sounds to a range of Evolution Chamber nights across Europe. Alongside Evolution Chamber’s roster members, Receptor is looking to have one of his biggest years to date, with a consistency that many fans have been waiting for.

From the moment Mitya Veshchunov first began pouring over his brother’s jungle record collection, the man who’d become Receptor was hooked on the genre. From Aphrodite, to Pendulum then Noisia to Konflict it would shape his path into the genre. He immersed himself with DnB, leading him to Lifted Music, one of the most contemporary labels of this period and became a mecca for Receptor’s own musical tastes. At the age of ten, Receptor was gifted a Yamaha PSR-740 synth by his father. Despite no musical background, he learnt musical notation through a friend and his skills exploded, with him laying his hands on a plethora of DAWs through the internet and his production knowledge increased at an astounding rate. From ‘Rhyno’ on Lifted Music’s Breed 12 Inches, through to ‘Kurchatov’ in 2009 on Obsessions and his ‘Girls’ EP on Beta Recordings, Receptor’s discography was proving to be as formidable as his fan base. He was later called on to remix Black Sun Empire’s ‘Dawn of a Dark Day’ ft. Foreign Beggars and Noisia’s ‘Alpha Centauri’, highlighting a definitive part of his career. After a long hiatus, Receptor now returns and plans to push his name into the direction he’d always planned. This will represent a more experimental approach to sound design, something which will develop through his new music. Receptor offers some of his biggest selections to date, which many listeners have been waiting for patiently; the music he brings along with him will make the wait worthwhile.








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