Rawtekk – Here’s To Them – Med School Music


    Fall deep down the rabbit hole with Rawtekk’s  “Here’s To Them” LP, a fascinating blend of innovative soundscapes and twisted dance floor compositions. Boasting years of experience in the world of professional sound design, Rawtekk’s latest creation is a sonic masterpiece – a flawless follow-up to their stunning debut release on Med School back in 2013.

    Opening track, “The Hatch”, offers the rawest of introductions as Rawtekk welcome you to their world. A swarm of disorder lets rip in “Here’s To Them”, chainsaw synths and head-banging chaos in “Harbour” and tear-out, neuro drum-drillings fill  “Extinction”. Take a breath with the contrasting tranquility of “K.I.A.”, get gripped by the hauntingly delicate, “My Love”, and drift away with the wonderland whisperings of “Restless”, layered over a rumbling bassline.


    “Here’s To Them” is spider-web of electronic exploration, delivering a sinister, cinematic experience that is guaranteed to inspire the darker side of the imagination.

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